Mr Drew Our Marathon Hero!


We are VERY proud of our Mr Tim Drew, IJS&CE Year 6 teacher, who won the Standard Chartered Bank's Stanley Marathon 2014.


We are also very proud of our other runners, Miss Emily Garner, Miss Angela Craggs, Miss Clare Ryan, Mrs Sandra Knoll and Mr Rex Eagle.

Many of the younger members of our school also participated in the 3K fun run held on the same day:

Junior Female Open:

Regan Y5 1st, Marvis Y5 2nd, Priya Y6 3rd

Junior Male Open:

Adam Y6 1st, Shaun Y6 2nd, Ioan Y6 3rd


Matt Y5, Jake Y3, Dean Y5, Danny Y5, Richie Y5, Theo Y5, Malachi Y5, Temis Y5, Joseff Y5, Molly Y4, Jamie Y5, Emma-Jayne Y5, Holly Y6, Talia Y4, Meg Y5, Keon Y6 and Brooke Y3.

Standard Chartered Bank said, 'All of the IJS&CE students did extremely well to brave the weather and they should be commended for taking part, especially Keon who took tumble but wouldn’t give up and also Brooke for being determined to finish, without their participation we wouldn’t be able to hold the Fun Run and we hope that they will continue to participate in future.  Please pass on our congratulations to all of them!'

The Marathon and Fun Run would not be possible without the help of marshalls and assistants on the day to hand out water.  So thank you and well done to members of Falklands Conservation, including many of our young people, who stayed out in all weather to help with the event.