The role of Managers is unlike Governors in the UK. They advise and support the Head. They have no legal powers.

The Chair is the Parent Manager who serves on the Board of Education.

The Managers meet at least once a term.

Acting Chair: Tom Chater
IJS&CE Parent Members:  Mrs Pippa Christie, Mrs Sharon Gilbert, Mr Tom Chater, Mrs Susie Hansen
IJS&CE Staff Reps: Mrs Karen Armstrong-Ford & Miss Angela Craggs
Head Teacher: Mrs Karen Steen
Secretary: Mrs June McMullen

Synopsis of the minutes of the last meeting:


Infant & Junior School & Camp Education Managers’ Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting held on Friday 13th December 2013 at the Infant Junior School


Angela Craggs (AC)

Karen Armstrong-Ford (KAF)

Susie Hansen (SH)

Pippa Christie (PC)

Tom Chater (TC)

Karen Steen  (KS)

June McMullen

Staff representative

Staff representative

Parent representative

Parent representative

Parent representative

Head teacher IJS and Camp Education




The head teacher welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Tom Chater agreed to chair the meeting until the Education Board appoint a new Chair.  The head teacher thanked Mr Chater, Mrs Armstrong-Ford and Miss Craggs for joining the board.




Received from Sharon Gilbert (Parent representative)



Confirmation of the minutes from the meeting held July 12th 2013

The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record



Matters arising


The bike racks are now in place.  However, more are needed.  Areas were identified to place them.


This still remains an issue.  Recent actions i.e. gates / signage has made an improvement.  This is an on-going issue.



Heads Teacher’s Report

The Managers accepted the head teacher’s report.  It was agreed to have a workshop sometime in the New Year so that the Managers can fully understand ‘Achievement and Progress’ standards for the school.




Pedestrian Crossings & Parking

The crossings on John Street were discussed.  Parking is an on-going problem around school and is potentially dangerous.  No significant progress has been made.

A sub-group of the School Managers (Tom and Pippa) agreed to move this issue forward.






Special Days

The frequency of ‘special days’ (where children & staff dress up etc to raise money for charity) was raised.  The head teacher acknowledged that there had been quite a few this term.  The School Managers agreed the aim of raising children’s global awareness and developing empathy was creditable.  There is no obligation for participation or donations, this will be emphasised.



F.I.C.S library

No issues were raised on this.



Any other business

Planning, preparation and Assessment time

MLAs, Education Board and School Managers agree with the value of PPA time for teachers and that the creation of a post is a proposed solution.  A paper has been submitted for approval for this position. 

Nursery liaison officer

This post is funded for three months and there is work to continue the post for a fixed term. 


It was agreed it could be helpful for Managers to lobby for these proposals in appropriate forums.



The next meeting is Friday 11th April at 2.30pm