Year 2

Teacher 1 : Miss Scott
LSA: Miss Pole-Evans,  Mrs March
Classroom location on the school plan: I
Teacher 2 : Miss Chapman
LSA: Miss Clarke, Mrs Peters (pm)
Classroom location on the school plan: J

P.E. Times: Monday  (Miss Chapman)
Friday   (Miss Scott)
Library/ICT : Tuesday
Swimming: Monday p.m. - Meet at Stanley Leisure Centre for 1:25pm, dismiss from IJS at 3:30pm

Year 2’s trip to Kidney Island has been made possible by funding from the FIG's Environmental Planning Department, with additional in-kind contributions from Beaver Island Land Care and Falklands Conservation. 

The children had an amazing time and learned lots about the different habitats and animals that live there.  The trip on the launch, small boat and the wonderful contribution by Sally Poncet and Ken Passfield about the wildlife, all combined to make it a trip of a lifetime, which the children will always remember!