Year 6

Teacher 1: Mr Drew
LSA: Miss Cooper (am)
Classroom location on the school plan: H

Teacher 2: Mr Harrington
LSA: Miss Francis
Classroom location on the school plan: O & P

Year 6 attend FICS every Thursday afternoon, meeting up there for 1:25pm. They participate in PE, Music, DT and Drama during this time.
Library /ICT: Tuesday
Swimming: Friday a.m. Dismiss from the swimming pool at 12:00 (lunchtime)

Year 6 have been busy writing like authors!

We have been studying the writing style of authors such as Catherine Storr, Betsy Byars, Robert Swindells and Gillian Cross. The children have been using long complex sentences for description and short ones for effects such as excitement, tension and surprise. Here are some excerpts (which have not been changed in any way) from their fantastic stories for you to enjoy...


The dry, seedy African grass was like a sea of grass on a clam day. Shining like a star, the sun sent vast heat waves that continuously punched Kimberley in her face. The breeze had gone and the trees stood motionless as soldiers standing to attention. In the distance the lions roared to scare predators away from their food. Kimberley's beautiful, dapple grey horse, Alkatrez, nayed signaling that he wanted to go, but just then Kimberley saw something small crouching by a shaded tree. What was it? A lion. A tiger. Slowly, it lifted its head. No, a cheetah!

Kelly (year 6)


Will cluched his rifle with two hands and a single finger reving to pull. Suddenly a rustle in the trees. Will stood and froze for a second or two, raised his Smith n Western angled it and BANG!! A band of smoke shot out of the muzzle and high long wimper sounded in the distance.

Tyrone (Year 6)


Chelsea walked out of the village backpack in her hand and guide at her side. Quickly they started to walk, they wanted to get to the water hole before lunch. It was a steamy jungle and they were sweating after 5 minutes. Suddenly trees stopped appearing and the water hole emerged out of the blue. Chelsea never realised that the rhino was behind her. Turning she saw it. OMG! Staggering back, she fell but something stopped her. It was the rhino. It was beautiful she thought, with its shining white horns and it glowed magically like an angel from heaven.

Priya (Year 6)


George picked up a pencil and began writing in his neatest and tidiest handwriting (which wasn't very neat).

'Dear sir/madam' he wrote. 'Why not come to the Falkland Islands. It has beautiful wildlife and a friendly community…'

George stopped writing and scanned through the letter.

"Not very good but it will do," he muttered, under his breath. George rolled the scrawny paper up and pushed it into the neck of the green bottle then got up and walked over to the sea. He threw the bottle, watching it as it sunk then bobbed up to the surface again.

George stayed in that position for a while. He was on a beach with endless sea reaching to the soft yellow sand that curved round rocky cliffs.

Kirsty (Year 6)


One beautiful summers morning, Chloe was fast asleep in her bed. It was very peaceful until she heard a loud 'Bang!' It was dethaning! It came from her huge kitchen and it eccoed threw the house. Chloe ran throw the hall way. Suddenly she saw something she had never seen before.

Chloe gasped. There was a donkey in her kitchen! She had never seen a donkey before. At first, she was delited but then she looked down. She saw that the donkey had broken her favourite mug.

Chloe (Year 6)


One ordinary day Phinus, Ferb and Ioan were watching TV, eating salty popcorn and drinking cool cola. Suddenly thousands of people came rushing past the house, towards the church. They leapt from their chairs. Then ran to the window. Outside there were nearly the whole town, running and screaming like lunatics, just to get to the church. So they got their stuff and went to the church.

Vaughan (Year 6)