Kevin-Joe and Scott are two squash buckling pirates                                     Scott uses a Bee-Bot to guide him to the treasure.

Kevin-Joe reads the clues to find the treasure to Scott. AAARRRGH ME HEARTIES.

The children in Camp enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as book characters.  Can you guess which ones they are?

There was a sale at Hill Cove School to raise money for the children in Africa.

Our school Councillor, Thomas McGhie, told the people around the settlement at Hill Cove about the sale and he asked them for some things to sell.

On the big sale day the children baked some biscuits and then tidied up.  After that they set the things out on the tables neatly so the people could see them.

After lunch the people came.  They bought lots of things and they had tea and biscuits outside.  On the nice day the people sat outside with their cups of tea and talked to their friends.

Everyone had an exciting day and we raised lots of money for the children in Africa.

Written by Grace McGhie, Year 2