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This is going to be a long blog – it will make up for not blogging while I was away.  It has seemed very strange to be away from school in the middle of term time.  I have missed everyone and missed some pretty amazing events! 

In the assembly before I left school, I told the children why I was going away.  Mr Winward and I went to London to interview teachers for the next academic year.  It was a very busy time, and we spoke with many enthusiastic teachers, passionate about their profession.  The children gave me a person specification before I left, so I had to make sure we found teachers who:

  • are fun
  • have neat handwriting
  • know how to play football
  • (and most importantly know) how to teach us the things we need to know

It was a tough assignment!

One applicant asked me a very good question, he had read our last inspection report and asked how inspectors might describe our school, three and a half years on.  Afterwards I had more time to reflect about how school has moved forwards since that time.  A lot has happened!  Education has been firmly placed at the top of priorities for the Islands, following the move to have a Director exclusively for Education; full time Members of Legislative Assembly support us politically;numbers on roll have grown - by about 40; we have a new purpose built Foundation Stage setting; the creation of a Nursery & Early Years Development Coordinator has resulted in many improvements in provision across the Islands for children 0-3; we have restructured the leadership team and now have a band of highly effective middle leaders; our SEN department has benefitted from the creation of a role for Specific Learning Difficulties.  Every school strives to improve standards and that is no different in the Falkland Islands.  We have recently worked with the Secondary school to revise our observation and monitoring protocol so we can work across the phases with a consistent approach; we have a wonderfully supportive, hardworking and fun staff whom are among the most dedicated people I know; and last – because you always save the best to last - our children are fabulous.  Just as fabulous as they were 3 and a half years ago, they get involved in projects which places the schools in the centre of the community (you just have to read the Penguin News every week to realise that!).  I’m glad I had a prompt to stand back and reflect on our journey so far, remembering all the highlights along the way.  We continue to work to improve our school, but it is important not to forget our successes.

Andy Trish - Our Hero!



Deadly 60 visits IJS&CE

Everyone at IJS&CE was thrilled to have Steve, Ruth, Kiri and Scott from the Deadly 60 Pole to Pole expedition visit our school!

We asked lots of difficult questions and found out that Steve's favourite animal is a wolf, that Ruth's favourite location was Namibia, Kiri enjoys throwing tomatoes at her friends with the help of a tornado jet engine and Scott enjoyed the curious Straited Caracaras on our very own Saunders Island!

The team are on an exciting adventure and we wish them well on the next part of it.  We are very grateful that they made time to come and visit with us.

Thank you Deadly 60! 


Week ending 31st January 2014

Another new year and another new school term.  We have had a great beginning to the new school term; everyone has come back recharged, enthusiastic and eager to learn.  There’s lots coming up: we have a logo competition that Miss Garner is going to tell you all about on Monday; the newly formed Assembly Committee is helping everyone to contributing to a review of our assemblies; the School Council are arranging a fun day; and on Monday, we will send out a letter telling you all the out of school clubs that are on offer this term.

We are ever so excited in Stanley at the moment – wait for it... Steve Backshall from Deadly 60 Pole to Pole is in the Falkland Islands!  We do hope we bump into him while he is here... in the meantime, I can recommend ‘Deadly Dash 3’ a game on the CBBC website. 


It reminded me how great the CBBC website is; and that coming up on Tuesday 11th February is ‘Safer Internet Day’.  Children seem intuitively 3 steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to computers – so this year aims to get us all involved.  The theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’, offering the opportunity to focus on both the creative things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role that we all play in helping to create a better internet.





I absolutely loved my trip out to Camp last week - I will not get out to Camp as much as before, Mrs Robinson is very ably taking over a lot of that job.  In fact she has an early run out to the North Camp tomorrow!  Mrs Tempest our new Director of Education joined Mrs Robinson and myself as we visited every settlement school and travelling teacher location on the West.  An awful lot of driving (and cake eating) and I'm thankful FIGAS do not weigh us on the way back too.  It was great to see George's amazing book of poems.  He has been blowing everyone away with the quality of his work - well done George!

I am looking forward to my official visit to FS1 next week to look over their learning journals.  The school was taken over by Pudseys, pyjama wearing people and superheros on Friday as we dressed up for Children in Need.  We raised an astonishing amount of money!  The generosity of our community and our children never fails to amaze me.  Thank you to Mrs Hartley for pulling this together.

We are gearing up for Christmas (seems a little early...) and looking forward to the Christmas performance.  The actors and actresses are learning their lines and songs.  Soon we open up the doors for Parents' Evening, we look forward to sharing everyone's good work.



It was my birthday this week and no one let me forget it!  Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, thank you Mr Hill who despite being in Orkney still managed to make sure the entire Falkland Islands knew it was my birthday and that I am now officially OLD by putting a call out on the radio!  Thank you to all the children and teachers in IJS&CE for making my day extra special, especially Miss Chapman in Year 5 who did an awful lot of organising.

Congratulations to Miss Ambrose at Hill Cove / Fox Bay.  Miss Ambrose has recently finished a course that she has been working really hard on for some time.  It looks like she is going to get an A!  There is never an end to learning! WELL DONE!

We celebrated Pink Day and raised awareness and plenty of cash for Cancer Research on Friday, culminating in a fabulous Pink Parade, photos to follow. 

We raised over £650!  A special well done to Amy in Year 3 who collected sponsorship for wearing pink all week and raised nearly £150 all by herself!  A very special pink young lady.

It is half term next week; it is time for a rest and to enjoy the beginnings of summer.  The sun is shining down on the Falklands and I'm going to the West for a few days and will check out our new accommodation at Fox Bay, very exciting news!  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday 4th November.

It was World Mental Health day on Thursday 11th October, the wonderful people from Team Tranquil visited us in school and provided healthy snacks with a fishy twist.  In last year’s campaign it was discovered that people do not eat enough fish in their diet.  Fish is vital to maintain good mental health.  Team Tranquil have also produced a small recipe book, using donated recipes for cooking fish that can be obtained widely in the Falkland Islands.  Now I’m not much of a cook, however even I was inspired by the recipes!  I’ll certainly being making sure that the cook in our house delights us with plenty of fish dishes.  Team Tranquil have also set up a competition for children to produce fishy pictures and collage, so we’re looking forward to the entries and results from that.

Look at the efforts of Year 1 children, they were thinking about how eating fish helps them.



The NHS recommendation is that people should  eat fish twice or more per week to maintain a healthier balanced diet.

Fish are low in fat, high in protein and full of vitamins and minerals.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can not be produced naturally, therefore consumption of fish is a natural source of these essential fatty acids.  Eating fish has been associated with improved cardiovascular function, brain and cognitive function, joint mobility, eye health, healthy skin and bones and a stronger immune system.
If you are interested to learn more about the benefit of fish in your diet please check for information http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/fish-shellfish.aspx

Thank you Team Tranquil smiley



Mr Woodward has just returned from his first week at our new Camp Education location on East Falkland.  He has had a fabulous week and reported that Alisha has been supremely enthusiastic about school and is working very hard.  IJS&CE would like to thank Michael, Charlotte-Ann, Alisha, Carly-Ann, Maggie, Peter and Kimberley for the wonderful welcome they extended to Jim and for working so hard to get everything ready for the first week of school at Horseshoe Bay.  This is what makes Camp Education work so well: our families, their enthusiastic children and of course the renowned Falklands hospitality, which is heaped upon visitors by the bucketful at Horseshoe Bay.  We look forward to many years working together with our new family!

Bean bag target practice...


On Thursday this week we enjoyed International Talk Like a Pirate Day, some of our teachers were a bit hoarse by the end of the day from all the deep voices and piratical arrrs!  Adventurous people even dressed up, particular well done to the children at Fox Bay!

Look at these sombre looking pirates…

And now up to hi-jinks!

A special mention goes out to Christopher who was very well prepared for the day and did some research at home - hilarious reading I especially like Rule 2 - Super well done Christopher!


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