Challenge Day 2014

How should we behave in the playground?

We held a competition to see who could come up with good symbols to illustrate our playground motto:

‘Play Safe - Play Fair - Take Care’

Nearly all of the school entered the competition and it was a very difficult job to narrow the entries down to a winning group.  However… there has to be winners and they are:






This weekend saw the opening of the Susan Whitley Art and Craft Exhibition at the Infant and Junior School and Camp Education.

The school opened its doors to the public so parents, children, friends could view the art work completed by our students through the last year.


Shortly all class sections will have pictures of their art work in case you were unable to come and experience the exhibition in person.  

Safety on the internet is important at any age!

Please visit and take advice from the below listed websites to ensure your child learns safe practice on the internet.

Get Net Wise

Is a great website that includes safety tips by age of child, by the different risks out there and lots more. Easy to navigate and full of great information.

Cyber Bee is a more adult orientated site, though has many links to cartoons, games and much more for children. Is linked with many verified safe sites for your children to look at.

If you wish your child to learn from a website about being safe on the net.

Kid Smart is a colourful interesting site that has video clips from children explaining Net Safety, and lists safety in terms that children can understand. this site also has a top category for if you work with kids, and if you are a Parent/Guardian.

BBC has songs, quizzes and many other areas that your child can learn about E-Safety, Cyber bullying etc.


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